Friday, August 14, 2015

Bangalore Real Estate, Living in India, Medical Tourism and an Online Indian Pharmacy

I should have been posting but I have been bad.  I posted only 2 times while I was in India.  I lived in Bangalore for almost 5 consecutive years, but visiting it for 20 years.  It was remarkable.  I will be going back again in the next few weeks to months.  It all depends on how fast I sell my house in Austin, Texas.  The market is hot, the weather is hot, it will sell fast, keeping my fingers crossed.

If you haven't gone to India, you must.  It is probably the best place to go in the developing world.  Its developing super fast.  You won't see those low prices anymore.  The cost of living has soared and is continue to soar.  Bought land and built a nice house and sold it 12 years later made over $600K profit.  Spent $140K to buy land and build the house.  If you were to build the same house now, it would cost you over $800K because of the cost of concrete, labor and materials.  Its all gone up.

One of the best things about India outside real estate, is health care.  Its super affordable.  You can get a MRI for about $70.  That's amazing.  When you come to India, make sure you get all your blood tests done, it will only cost you $40 or less.  Want braces it will cost you no more than $400, no kidding.  Its totally worth it.  Prescription medicine is super cheap and affordable, pharmaceuticals are genuine and just as good as the US.  Pack your suitcases and stuff it with prescription medicine for your friends, family and anybody else that needs medicine.

Send an email to and I will give you guidance on choosing a pharmacy and the process.  I know, it can be daunting with all the Online Indian pharmacies and the bad press associated with it.

There is one that I've been using for 20 years

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  1. only put up there site a week ago. I had been calling them directly to get my medicine before email. You want to talk to Tom, he's an American RN that's been working with other Western healthcare professionals at the clinic.