Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We we're just reading the fabulous Lucinda Porter on her

blog and she was discussing Hepatitis C and your kidneys. 

Before I talk about the article on her blog, I want to say,

we really love Lucinda Porter for her stance on many issues

about our American healthcare.  She really cares and is

probably a "cool" person to have a meal or have coffee


Alright, lets get in to the article.

The article is a great source to understand about your

kidneys in general and the precautions you must take ovrall

to insure healthy kidneys.  I recommend everyone read it,

it short and succinct.

The take away from the article for those with HCV is that

you have a 52.6% chance of have a higher risk of kidney

failure than those who do not have Hepatitis C virus. 

The difference doesn't seem too large, however, it has to

be taken serioulsy. So, those without HCV have a 38.4%

chance of having kidney failure.

About 1 in 9 Americans have kidney disease, that's about 26

million, quite large compared to those tested positive for


The warning signs are, high blood pressure, too much

protein in urine, blood in urine, any swelling of your

hands, feet and puffiness around your eyes.  Also, if you

get up at night to urinate and its painful or difficult,

then that is something should be taken seriously. 

When you go to your primary care physician, they will help

you determine if you have high risk for kindney related

issues that can prop up down the road.  In the mean time,

please have a kidney function test.  That will reveal lots

of information about your creatinine, blood urea nitrogen

(BUN) levels, and most importantly the GFR/glomerular

filtration rate. 

If you're not aware of the complication of kidney disease

or kidney failure associated with HCV, please talk to a

good caring doctor.  Its their job to help and guide you. 

These doctors official names are Nephrologists and your

kidney is often referred to as a renal organ.  Just a heads


Again, please go to Lucinda Porter's website when you get a

chance.  She's really wonderful.

In regards to your HCV medicines please call us or email us

at IndianMeds77@gmail.com or use the contact form on


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